Nine Mile Babies Launches a Diverse Collection of Soft Toys for Children Inspired by the Popular Children's Book "Grandma What's That?"

Nine Mile Babies Launches a Diverse Collection of Soft Toys for Children Inspired by the Popular Children's Book "Grandma What's That?"


Nine Mile Babies has proudly launched their diverse children's brand, which includes a collection of fun and educational toys and picture books for children. The brand's featured diverse soft toy dolls are inspired by the storybook collection "Grandma What's That?", which highlights the unique beauty of different cultures and inspires children to embrace and appreciate diversity.

Nine Mile Babies introduces a new level of diversity to the soft toy market with its premium plush dolls featuring black characters. Designed with a range of black skin tones and various hairstyles, the dolls provide children with relatable best friends who promote self-esteem and confidence. Each cuddly toy is crafted with the highest quality materials and provides a fun, comforting presence in any child's life. To further encourage a message of unity and understanding, the dolls can be paired with the storybook collection "Grandma What's That?" which takes the characters on exciting journeys to learn about different cultures. By promoting the message of "One Love" for all, Nine Mile Babies™ provides an important representation of diversity in the soft toy world and beyond.

Snuggle up to the cuddly soft toys and Let your child play make believe in the wonderful world of the Nine Mile Babies created by Princess Booker.  These plush toys are the perfect gift for kids, and they will fall in love with their soft and cuddly friends! 

The collection includes a variety of soft toys, puzzles, books and other products. Standout pieces include Nine Mile Babies soft toys and the book ‘Grandma What’s That?’.

"Our goal is to empower children of colour to celebrate their cultural heritage, foster a positive self-image, and develop a sense of pride in who they are," said Princess Booker, the founder and creative director of Nine Mile Babies. "We strive to provide children with toys that are not only fun to play with, but also help to develop important skills such as problem-solving, social skills and creativity."

Nine Mile Babies is committed to making it easier for families to find diverse toys and books that celebrate culture and heritage. With our selection of toys, books, and other products, we hope to empower families to create a space that celebrates different cultures and encourages acceptance and understanding of diversity," said Princess Booker.

Nine Mile Babies is available to purchase online at and will now be available in the Black Pound Day stores in Westfield London. 

About Nine Mile Babies

Nine Mile Babies™ is a diverse children’s brand aimed to create a world where children see themselves represented in their toys and books. Our brand, founded by Princess Booker, offers inclusive and diverse products to empower children to learn, grow, and play through representation and inclusion. Our storybook collection, ‘Grandma What’s That?’, celebrates different cultures and helps children understand the beauty of diversity through reading. Our mission is to provide children of colour with meaningful representation, promoting self-esteem, confidence, and appreciation for diversity. Our products are designed to foster creativity, encourage exploration, and embrace differences. We believe that every child deserves to have toys and books that reflect the world they live in and promote a positive, accepting environment.

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