Nine Mile Babies Takes London by Storm: A Pop-Up Extravaganza at John Lewis in Stratford

Nine Mile Babies Takes London by Storm: A Pop-Up Extravaganza at John Lewis in Stratford

In the heart of London's vibrant Stratford neighbourhood, a delightful surprise awaits as Nine Mile Babies, the innovative children's brand, sets up a pop-up shop in the iconic John Lewis department store. Join us as we explore how Nine Mile Babies, with its commitment to representation and empowerment, is adding a touch of magic to the shopping experience at John Lewis.

A Colorful Section in Stratford:

Picture this: a section in John Lewis adorned with plush dolls featuring a spectrum of black skin tones and various hairstyles, creating a visual celebration of diversity. Nine Mile Babies, founded by the visionary Princess Booker, is all set to transform a section of John Lewis into a haven of inclusivity. This pop-up is not just about products; it's a movement towards creating a more representative and accepting retail space.

Empowering Children Through Play:

Nine Mile Babies' plush dolls are not just cuddly companions; they are ambassadors of self-esteem and confidence for children of colour. Princess Booker, the creative force behind the brand, emphasises the importance of empowering children to celebrate their cultural heritage. As families explore the delightful collection at John Lewis, they'll discover toys that go beyond play—they inspire pride and foster positive self-images.

"Grandma What's That?" - A Journey of Understanding:

Complementing the plush dolls is the enchanting storybook collection, "Grandma What's That?" This literary adventure takes young readers on journeys to explore different cultures, promoting unity and understanding. The combination of soft toys and storytelling at the Nine Mile Babies pop-up in John Lewis provides families with a holistic and educational experience, encouraging acceptance and appreciation for diversity.

More Than a Pop-Up: A Movement of Inclusion:

This collaboration transcends the boundaries of a traditional pop-up. It represents a movement towards making diversity a fundamental aspect of the retail landscape. Princess Booker shares, "Our mission is to provide children of colour with meaningful representation, promoting self-esteem, confidence, and appreciation for diversity." Nine Mile Babies at John Lewis is not just a shopping destination; it's a celebration of every child's uniqueness.

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