How to diversify children's books & toys

How to diversify children's books & toys

One way to diversify your child's toy box is to make sure that it includes toys and books that promote a variety of skills and interests. This can include toys that encourage creativity, such as art supplies, building blocks and puzzles, as well as toys that promote physical activity, such as balls and jump ropes.

It can also be helpful to include toys that represent a range of cultures and backgrounds, to help your child develop a more inclusive and understanding worldview like the Nine Mile Babies. Additionally, consider rotating the toys in your child's toy box to keep things fresh and interesting. This can help prevent your child from becoming bored with the same old toys and can encourage them to try new things.

Black children's picture books can be a great way to introduce young children to the diverse world around them. These books often feature characters and stories that reflect the experiences of black children and can help to build a child's sense of identity and pride in their culture.


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