Meet the Babies

Nine Mile Babies™ was inspired by the need to add diversity to the soft toy world. Our soft plush doll toys are made with premium materials featuring black characters with a range of black skin tones and various hairstyles. Designed to boost self-esteem and build confidence, it's the perfect best friend for any girl or boy. The cuddly toy can be paired with the storybook collection "Grandma What's That?" where they travel the world learning about different cultures to promote ‘One Love’ for others through reading.

Prinny Pie

Meet a troublesome, bright, and headstrong character with a passion for adventure and exploring. She loves to dance and is always up for a new challenge. Despite sometimes getting into trouble because of her strong desire for adventure, she brings a spark of excitement wherever she goes.

This character is perfect for children who love to dance, explore, and have fun. Whether they're having a dance party or embarking on a new adventure, she'll be right there with them, ready for anything. She will make a great gift for children who love to have fun and be active.

So, if you're looking for a fun and adventurous companion for your child, look no further. Get ready to dance, explore, and have a blast with this headstrong character!

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Meet Crissy, the loving mother of the group. With her affectionate and protective nature, Crissy quickly wins the trust and hearts of those around her with her gentle and kind nature.

Crissy has a passion for baking, and her cakes are always a hit with friends and family. She loves creating new recipes and sharing her love of baking with others.

Whether she's in the kitchen whipping up a delicious treat or offering a comforting hug, Crissy is the glue that holds the group together. She makes a wonderful companion for children and adults alike.

So, if you're looking for a loving and nurturing companion, look no further. Crissy is the perfect choice for those who appreciate warmth, kindness, and a sweet treat now and then.

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Meet Juls, the musical soul of the group! Juls is a free-spirited and artistic individual with a love for singing, playing musical instruments like the drums, guitar, and keyboard. Juls also has a passion for nature and enjoys entertaining others with his musical talent.

Whether he's performing for a group of friends or serenading the great outdoors, Juls is always spreading joy and positivity. He's the perfect companion for those who appreciate music and the arts. Juls makes a great gift for birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion for music lovers of all ages.

So, whether you're looking for a new musical companion or just want to add a touch of art and music to your life, Juls is a perfect choice. Get ready to sing, play and enjoy the music with Juls!"

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Meet Cheeks, the sporty and competitive one of the group! He never goes anywhere without his favourite hat and loves riding his bike and playing sports, especially football and basketball. With his shy yet energetic personality, he's always up for a challenge and ready to compete.

Whether it's racing around the neighbourhood on his bike or participating in local sports competitions, Cheeks is always pushing himself to be the best. He's the perfect companion for children who love to stay active, have fun, and compete.

So, if you're looking for a fun, energetic, and competitive companion who never leaves home without his favourite hat, look no further. Get ready to race, play, and compete with Cheeks!

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Zai Zai

Meet Zai Zai, the youngest and mischievous member of the group! She loves to play with her dolls and is always looking for a new adventure to join in on with her brothers and sisters. With her cute and convincing personality, Zai Zai is always able to persuade her siblings to include her in their fun. However, she also has a mischievous side and loves to hide her siblings' toys.

In her free time, Zai Zai indulges in her sweet tooth and loves to enjoy lollipops and ice cream. She's always up for a treat and adds a touch of fun and sweetness to any situation.

So, if you're looking for a cute, playful, and imaginative toy for your child, look no further. Join Zai Zai on her adventures, mischief, and sweet treats with this adorable doll.

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