Princess Booker Expands Literary Adventure with the Release of "Grandma What's That? Barbados," Adding Diversity to Children's Picture Books

Princess Booker Expands Literary Adventure with the Release of "Grandma What's That? Barbados," Adding Diversity to Children's Picture Books


Nine Mile Babies Expands Adventure Series with New Book: "Grandma What's That? Barbados"

London, March 01, 2024— Princess Booker, the visionary creator behind Nine Mile Babies, joyfully unveils the launch of her second children's book, "Grandma What's That? Barbados," scheduled for release on March 01, 2024. Building on the triumph of her debut, Princess Booker remains dedicated to enhancing the literary realm with a captivating and diverse contribution to children's picture books. In the wake of the first instalments success, the Nine Mile Babies are poised to embark on an enthralling adventure to the picturesque island of Barbados.

In this latest adventure, children will once again join the lively siblings and their Grandma as they explore the rich culture and natural beauty of Barbados. Guided by Grandma, young readers will delve into the fascinating aspects of this Caribbean gem, discovering the significance of the Barbadian flag, the excitement of flying fish, the playful Green monkeys, and much more.

Princess Booker, the creative force behind Nine Mile Babies, expressed her enthusiasm for the new release: "I'm delighted to take the Nine Mile Babies on another adventure, this time to the enchanting island of Barbados. Through engaging storytelling and vibrant illustrations, we aim to provide children with a fun and educational experience, fostering a love for learning about different cultures."

"Grandma What's That? Barbados" encourages curiosity and exploration, making learning about geography and cultural diversity an enjoyable experience for young minds. The book is not only a delightful addition to the Nine Mile Babies series but also a valuable resource for parents and educators seeking to instill a sense of curiosity and appreciation for the world in their children.

"This book is a tribute to my amazing Bajan Grandparents. Through your stories, I gained a profound understanding of Barbados. Your life and the memories we shared have been the driving force behind the creation of this book." - Princess Booker

The book is available for purchase on Waterstones, Barnes and Noble, Blackwells Books, Walmart, Amazon, and the official Nine Mile Babies website (

As the Nine Mile Babies continue their journey, Princess Booker remains committed to her mission of providing meaningful representation, promoting diversity, and empowering children through imaginative storytelling.

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About Nine Mile Babies: Nine Mile Babies is a children's brand founded by Princess Booker, dedicated to promoting diversity through imaginative books and toys. The brand's storybook collection, including "Grandma What's That?," aims to inspire children to embrace and appreciate diversity through engaging and educational adventures.

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