Meet the Founder

Princess Booker, a vibrant literary voice and visionary entrepreneur, draws inspiration from her rich Jamaican heritage rooted in the iconic Nine Mile village. Raised in London, her formative years were shaped by transformative visits to this picturesque Jamaican village — a place she proudly calls home, birth, and resting place of her beloved Grandmother Cedella Marley-Booker and Uncle, the legendary Bob Marley.

As the granddaughter of a remarkable storyteller, Princess felt a profound calling to carry forward her grandmother's legacy. Her childhood summers in Miami and Jamaica fuelled a heartfelt commitment to share the enchanting tales of Jamaica, leading to the creation of the Nine Mile Babies brand. These adorable characters, inspired by Princess's own family, reside in the enchanting Nine Mile village, paying homage to her deep family roots.

The heart of the Nine Mile Babies brand lies in the captivating storybook collection, 'Grandma What's That?' — a narrative pulsating with the values of diversity, unity, and love. Princess Booker, a published author, masterfully intertwines personal experiences and creative ingenuity, weaving relatable tales with a mission to redefine the literary landscape for young minds.

Beyond her literary impact, Princess is the CEO of Nine Mile Clothing and a Grammy Awards nominee in the A&R category. As a dynamic creative director and philanthropic entrepreneur, she aims to normalise diversity, empowering every child to embrace their individuality.

Join Princess on a transformative journey of empowerment, acceptance, and the celebration of the rich tapestry that unites us all. Together, let's shape a world where every child radiates with confidence and pride, fostering joy and cultural understanding worldwide. Princess invites you to be part of this inspiring movement