Nine Mile Babies Shine in Exclusive ITV News Interview on Small Business Saturday

Nine Mile Babies Shine in Exclusive ITV News Interview on Small Business Saturday

In a heartfelt address, Princess Booker, the visionary behind Nine Mile Babies, took center stage to emphasise the significance of inclusive and diverse toys and books this Christmas. Beyond the festivities, she highlighted the importance of supporting small businesses for unique, niche gifts that go beyond the ordinary. In her empowering message, Princess Booker encouraged a holiday season filled with thoughtfulness and diversity.

The Need for Inclusive and Diverse Gifts:

Princess Booker, in her eloquent speech, stressed the importance of fostering inclusivity and diversity in the gifts we choose for our loved ones. Recognising the transformative power of toys and books in shaping young minds, she advocated for choices that reflect a wide spectrum of experiences, cultures, and backgrounds. By doing so, she believes we not only provide children with enriching experiences but also promote a more tolerant and understanding society.

A Royal Touch to Gift-Giving:

As the holiday season approaches, Princess Booker extended her royal touch to the concept of gift-giving. Instead of opting for mass-produced items, she encouraged shoppers to explore the treasures hidden in small businesses. By choosing niche gifts from these enterprises, individuals contribute to the uniqueness and charm of their community, ensuring that each present carries a story and a personal touch.

Supporting Small Businesses:

Princess Booker emphasised that shopping from small businesses is not just a transaction; it's an investment in the dreams and aspirations of entrepreneurs within the community. By choosing niche gifts from local shops, individuals not only provide their loved ones with one-of-a-kind presents but also contribute to the growth and prosperity of small enterprises that make each community special.

Christmas at Nine Mile:

Reflecting on the enchanting community of Nine Mile, Princess Booker shared how the residents have embraced this philosophy. The Nine Mile Babies, surrounded by inclusive toys and diverse books, are a testament to the commitment to creating a nurturing environment that celebrates uniqueness. Additionally, Nine Mile Babies offer a plethora of niche gifts, ensuring that each Christmas in the community is filled with special moments and thoughtful presents.


Princess Booker's message serves as a guiding light for a Christmas season filled with purpose and significance. By advocating for inclusive and diverse gifts and stressing the importance of supporting small businesses, she invites everyone to partake in a festive celebration that goes beyond the traditional. This holiday season, as the Nine Mile community embraces diversity in its gifts and supports local businesses, it sets an inspiring example for communities worldwide, reminding us all of the true spirit of Christmas.

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