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Welcome to the Nine Mile Babies blog, where we're passionate about creating a diverse world for children. Through our blog, we share insights, resources, and stories that inspire parents, caregivers, and educators to prioritize diversity in children's media. Join us on this journey to make the world a more inclusive place for all.


Our Aim

Our blog aims to provide valuable insights, tips, and advice for parents and caregivers who want to raise confident, empathetic, and inclusive children. Here, we discuss a wide range of topics, including parenting, child development, diversity, and inclusion. We also share our thoughts on the latest trends in children's products, along with our reviews of books, toys, and other items that promote representation and diversity.

Our blog is written by a team of experts, including child psychologists, educators, and parents, who are passionate about creating a more inclusive world for children of all backgrounds. Whether you're looking for advice on how to talk to your children about race, or you're looking for inspiration for inclusive children's birthday gifts, you'll find something helpful and informative here.

We believe that every child deserves to see themselves represented in the products they use and the media they consume. Through our blog, we hope to empower parents and caregivers to make more informed decisions about the products they buy for their children and to help create a more accepting and inclusive world for future generations.