Black Authors in Children's Literature: Two Must-Read Children Picture Books

Black Authors in Children's Literature: Two Must-Read Children Picture Books

In today’s multicultural society, the importance of representation in children’s literature is paramount. When children see themselves and their diverse peers in the books they read, it nurtures a sense of belonging, understanding, and empathy. Books by Black authors are especially crucial as they provide authentic voices and perspectives that are often underrepresented. This blog post explores the profound benefits of two outstanding books by a Black author, "Princess Booker". Her picture books highlight the value of learning about different cultures and feature a comprehension page to help parents test their children's understanding and ensure they remember the book's content.

What are the benefits?

Children’s books by Black authors offer numerous benefits that go beyond simple storytelling. These books play a critical role in promoting empathy, encouraging cultural awareness, and enhancing social and emotional development.

Diverse books can enhance your child's social development, helping them understand and respect different cultures, and empower them by seeing themselves reflected in the stories they read.

Two Must-Read Picture Books

Grandma What's That? Jamaica

Children Learn New Words: 

This engaging book introduces readers to the rich cultural heritage of Jamaica. Children learn new words associated with the island’s geography, cuisine, and traditions, such as "Ackee", "Hummingbird" and "Farmers".

Learn About Different Cultures: 

By exploring Jamaica's vibrant culture, the book helps children understand and appreciate different ways of life. The narrative provides a window into the island’s history and food, creating a deeper respect for cultural diversity.

Features Alphabet:

The children will sing the alphabet from start to finish whilst learning letter recognition. 

Grandma What's That? Barbados


Children Learn About Barbados Culture: 

This delightful book takes children on a journey through the unique culture of Barbados. It introduces the Barbados flag and their national dish “Cou Cou with Flying Fish” to teach children about Barbadian culture.

Pronunciation Guide:

The pronunciation guide helps children and parents to pronounce words correctly, enhancing the learning experience. There are words like: ‘Barbados - Baa·bay·dos’ and ‘Coconut - Kow·kuh·nuht’.

Comprehension Page: 

The book includes a comprehension page with questions to encourage children to reflect on the story. Parents can use this page to test their kids' understanding and discuss what they have learnt.

Tests Childs Memory:
The relatable characters and their emotional journeys make it easier for children to remember the book's content. The memorable illustrations and fun narrative ensure that the lessons of discovery stay with young readers long after the book has finished.

Grandma What’s That? series featuring the Nine Mile Babies, aims to diversify children’s literature and toy boxes through authentic representation. Their books and toys celebrate cultural diversity and promote inclusivity, empowering children to embrace their uniqueness and learn about the world around them.


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