Nine Mile Babies TV - Our New YouTube Channel

Nine Mile Babies TV - Our New YouTube Channel


Love our books?

Love our brand?

…You will definitely love our YouTube Channel.

This is a huge milestone for the Nine Mile Babies :) 

We’re very excited to announce the launch of our new YouTube channel, Nine Mile Babies TV! This channel will provide an inclusive and relatable learning environment to help children build confidence in their abilities.




Nine Mile Babies was introduced to the market in April 2023 with the dream that children of colour can see themselves in the books they read and the toys they play with. Through our brand, we aim to teach all children about the different cultures that make up our beautifully diverse world. We strive to empower children so they can feel inspired and to always love themselves as they are. 

We started with our culturally diverse children’s picture books where Grandma and Nine Mile Babies discover the world. Now we are thrilled to be launching our educational content to support them on their journey throughout school.

You can read more about our mission by clicking on the link below :)

The babies love to learn new things and want you to learn with them. The Nine Mile Babies and Grandma have so many amazing things planned for you. We’ll take you on fun and exciting adventures to learn about different cultures. We’ll be learning the alphabet, colours, counting, animals, and much more.

They’ll also share their favourite, delicious recipes with you and might even read you the 'Grandma What’s That?' stories. Hopefully, you enjoy singing as much as the babies do, because they have amazing sing-along songs coming your way!

You can join our club completely free by clicking on the link and subscribing make sure to turn on your notifications so you miss out on our new content. If you want to invite your friends along then share our special link and experience the joy of loving-kindness with them.

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