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Grandma, What's That?" is a storybook collection that follows the adventures of the Nine Mile Babies and their grandmother as they explore various cultures across the globe. Our collection is designed to foster diversity and inspire children to learn, develop, and play through inclusivity and representation, we are proud to provide children with access to books that promote positive values and inclusive attitudes.

We are committed to offering children of colour meaningful representation, enhancing their self-worth, bolstering their confidence, and cultivating respect for diversity through reading. We believe that every child should have access to books that showcase the richness and diversity of the world they inhabit and promote an inclusive and welcoming environment for learning and play.

The storybook collection can help to promote a positive and accepting environment for children to learn and play, while inspiring them to become more knowledgeable, empathetic, and culturally aware individuals.
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3 products


3 products

  • Grandma What's That?

    Get ready to sing the alphabet as you explore the small village of Nine Mile with the Nine Mile Babies and their Grandma, you'll learn about...

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  • Grandma What's That? Signed Paperback

    "Grandma What's That?" signed edition copy by the author Princess Booker. This adds a personal touch to the book and makes it a special keepsake for...

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  • Grandma What's That? Signed & Inscribed Message

    "Grandma What's That?" by Princess Booker is a delightful children's book that takes readers on a journey to the small village of Nine Mile in Jamaica....

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