How to be kind with Nine Mile Babies

How to be kind with Nine Mile Babies

Today, we're going to talk about kindness, as it is the 17th of February!!. Kindness is all about being understanding, caring, and helping others.. We'll explore how being kind to everyone, no matter who they are, where they come from and how they look, makes the world a better and happier place. 

On World Kindness Day, let's come together to promote a special book for kids that encourages inclusivity and diversity. This book is all about teaching children the power of making every kid feel included and valued.

"Grandma What's That? Barbados,"  readers will come across an engaging section intended to strengthen their knowledge. Representation is important, particularly in the field of children's literature. Through exhibiting the richness and diversity of cultures throughout the world, we foster empathy and understanding in addition to education. 

Readers will experience the wonder of Barbados while honouring the ties of family and the excitement of exploration via the eyes of Grandma and her young ones.

Let's celebrate this day by spreading the message of kindness and embracing our differences. 

On March 1st, 2024, mark your calendars for when Grandma and her babies depart for Barbados. 

Purchase your copy today and set off on an unforgettable adventure.


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